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Any questions? Here are a few we often get asked. If your answer’s not here, drop us a line.

How long does FireFly! play for?

That’s your choice. We have around 10 hours of live music to choose from!! A typical quote might be for 2 hours split into 2 sets, but we can play for a longer or shorter time if you prefer. Each set has different music so we can customise the style of songs we play to suit your wishes. We can be there in the afternoon to do some UnPlugged music suitable for a drinks receptions or during dinner, some of us can come and do a solo / duo to accompany part of your event, as well as the full on party set to pack a lively dancefloor… Let us know what you have in mind and we can accommodate!

Can we choose the set-list?

Yup. One of the things that makes us different from other bands is how we work with you before your event to ensure you get the music you are after. We deliberately have a huge repertoire specifically designed to allow us to play the kind of music all sorts of different events. whether it be it soul, classic rock, pop, modern rock, swing, or outrageous cheese!- the setlist can be agreed prior to the event, or you can leave it in our capable hands – it’s up to you!  See our Set List page for all the music we can do.

Have you got any recommendations from past customers?

Absolutely hundreds! You can read some of them right now by visiting the Testimonials page. Or see the reviews section on our facebook page.

Will you learn a song for us?

Yes of course! If you’d like us to perform a special song live that isn’t already in our repertoire, we’d be happy to learn it especially. We know that the first dance at a wedding is important to you, so we’re happy to learn it for you. We ask for about 3 months warning at busy times of the year to allow us to work it into our rehearsal schedule.

Do you play music between your sets, or do we need a DJ as well?

We bring iPod playlists suitable for different parts of the event to keep the party going for you before we start, between sets and afterwards.
You’re welcome to plug your own iPod into our system if you prefer, no problem. We have the cables with us. The majority of people are happy with this. For a more prestigious event, some people like to have a DJ as well, which we can provide or we’re happy to work with your own. See our ‘Extras‘ page for DJ options which include an upgraded lighting rig and a professional dedicated DJ working with you in advance to get you requests, and responding to the dancefloor keeping people dancing.

How much space does FireFly! need?

We usually use around 4.5m width x 3.5m depth. We can squash that down if all you have is a little corner! – or we can expand to fill a large stage nicely!

Do you bring your own sound system?

Yes. Included in our quote is a PA system for a venue size of up to around 300 people. Anything more than that we’ll quote for the hire of a larger PA system with dedicated sound engineer.

Do you bring your own lighting?

We supply our own stage lighting. This includes 2 x mini-scans for the dancefloor, 2 x 4-light sequencers for the stage, and smoke machine if the venue’s ok with it. This usually creates a good, colourful atmosphere on both the stage and the dancefloor. A larger lighting rig is included in our Full DJ Package. Or for very prestigious events we can quote for full free standing truss rig with moving lights and fully programmed and operated lighting desk.

How early do you need to setup before an event?

We are experienced in working quietly and discretely. It takes about 1.5 hours to unload and setup if we can park near the entrance to the stage area and there aren’t any complications (stairs, car juggles etc!). However the iPod music can often start after about an hour while the band continue setting up. This time is built into your quote. At weddings we usually setup while the coffee and cake is being served after the speeches. However please ask if you’d like us to quote for an early setup for any reason – we’d be happy do it.

How far would you travel?

We usually work in Kent, Greater London, Sussex, Surrey, Essex, and the home counties and these areas are included in our basic quote. We do also played further afield and are happy to quote for anywhere including travel costs and overnights if necessary – just ask.

Where are you based?

We are based around South London & Kent. Our basic quotes include 1.5 hour’s travel from here but we’re happy to travel further afield.

How late can you finish?

Again that’s your choice. Our “standard” quote would have us finishing at midnight, but we often play later and we’ll do exactly what you require so just ask.

Can you provide background music earlier in the day?

Yes. We often provide various live entertainment all day. EG: FireFly! UnPlugged – the whole 5-piece in an acoustic style you can talk over suitable for a drinks reception or a dinner. A mixture of current chart tunes and standards in an chilled, acoustic style. Guitar/Oboe/Keys duo, string quartet, woodwind quintet, opera-singing waiters, Swing duos, other solo, or group singers and/or bands. Music can be classical, jazz, swing, opera, contemporary or whatever you choose. See our Extras page for inspiration, or just tell us what you have in mind and we can chat about it!

Can you setup while speeches are happening?

Not really while speeches are happening. We’re experienced at setting up quietly and discretely so as not to distract from the occasion. But it’s usually best to pause during speeches and allow for this when planning the layout of your room and schedule for the evening. EG: People very often choose to have speeches between starters and mains when there’s a live band, or even before starters. We often setup while coffee and chocolates/cake is being served if after a meal.

Do you need to sound-check?

No not if it’s difficult for the event to do so. If the timings allow it on the day we will, but we play together all the time and have played in so many venues that we have learnt to do it without needing a soundcheck. Although we would always prefer to if there’s time.

Have you got a Demo CD you can send us?

Yes. The CDs are the same songs as those available on the Music page. Simply email us your address and the date of your event, and we’ll send a CD out straight away.

How long have you been together?

FireFly! began in 2005 and most of us have known each other for longer than that. We put the band together when we were in our 20s with a desire to create a fresh, professional quality function band at a competitive price, which was hard to find at the time – and we believe still is. We have considerable experience performing at every type of event from local ones to top end corporate celebrations, Christmas parties, clubs and weddings.

Can we come and see you performing live?

We don’t do many PUBLIC gigs – hardly any really since we’re so busy with private functions. Having said that, any we do organise are published on our FaceBook page, so join us there to be kept up to date. And if you like, you can request a song or two and we’ll play them at the gig especially for you! Our repertoire is on our “Set List” page.

Do we need to provide a stage?

Nope – we’re happy to setup on the floor at the end of the room. If you have a stage all the better – we’d ask for at least 4.5m x 3.5m if possible

What Power does FireFly! need?

All we require is a normal double plug socket (13Amp 230v AC power), within a few metres of the stage area. We use almost all of that so it does need to be a dedicated supply and isolated so that nothing else runs off it – especially not the venue’s lighting, kitchens, DJ etc! For marquee events do make sure you run a couple of extensions from different circuits, and ensure they’re both fully 13a rated and not the type that have thermal cutouts… but we’re very happy to liaise directly with your marquee company or electricians and sort it all out on your behalf. We can even supply events generators for your event along with delivery and collection if it helps.

How do we book the band?

Simply put your details on the form on our contact page or email us, including date, location and times and we’ll reply with a quote. We aim to reply to all emails within a day. Once you’re happy with your quote, we send a booking form to make sure we know as much about your special day as possible and ask for a deposit of 20%. Once this is received the date is booked in our diary and we’ll send you back an email receipt confirming the details. The deposit doesn’t become non-returnable until 3 months before your date, since that’s when it gets difficult to re-book.

How loud is FireFly?

It varies depending on the size and acoustics of the room, but we can change our dynamics to suit your party. Sometimes people are worried about a band being louder than a DJ – but we take pride in our ability to provide either a quiet set so the people at the back can still have chat, or a full volume singalong crowd pleasing roar!! Thumping or ambient, the choice really is yours. And please do let us know during the sound check if you’re happy with what we’re doing and we’ll adjust accordingly.

Do you need to look at the venue prior to performance?

Nope. Though we usually ask for the contact details of your representative from the venue in case we need to discuss anything before your event. And if you would like us to accompany you to a recce, then please ask.

Do you carry Public Liability Insurance?

FireFly! has Public Liability Insurance cover of £10’000’000 provided by Hencilla Canworth Ltd. We can provide you with a link to the policy confirmation to send to your venue to keep on record (as it’s refreshed annually) or email you our current copy.

Our venue stipulates all acts must have their equipment “PAT tested.” What does that mean?

(P)ortable (A)ppliance (T)esting. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) places an obligation on employers, employees and self-employed persons to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure that no danger results from the use of portable electrical equipment. The Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) publishes a code of practice with regard the inspection and testing of such equipment, which FireFly! always adheres to. We can also come with a BS7671 (16th edition) qualified electrician to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can provide you with a link to download a schedule of testing, proof or can email this straight to you venue upon request.

What do you wear??

FireFly! wears black, red and white. We normally perform in smart evening wear (shirts and ties/evening dress) but we’re flexible and will of course dress to suit the style of your occasion.

How much will it cost me??

We started FireFly! to provide professional entertainment using the very best musicians, but at better prices than the competition. We are a busy band and work a lot. We have a standard fee which includes everything you’d need for a standard event which doesn’t change depending on what type of event it is. So drop us a line with your date and venue, and we’ll whiz you back some information and an example quote right away!! We can discuss how to tailor what we do to suit your event, times and style. Every party is different!!

My uncle/sister/brother/nan/cat is a singer/guitarist/trombone/kazoo/tambourine player – can they come up and do a song with you?

Why not?! We are happy to make this happen! It’s best for you to let us know yourself, in case you really don’t Great Uncle Fred dominating your party with his ‘merriment’ over the mic at your party!! Just tell them to bring their own instruments and let us know!